Heart-Based Community Building for Well-Being Professionals

Are you a well-being professional, a change maker, a pioneer at something that contributes to the well-being of people, animals or the planet? If your answer is yes, then you might have the dream of having your own heart-based community of people who share your mission, who feel deeply connected, who support each other, who keep involved, join your sessions and support each other. Maybe your dream community is worldwide and huge, maybe your community is local and small, maybe it's both. 

Does it sound too good to be true? Have you already started with online or offline communities and encountered some struggles? Are you wondering how to reach people, how to engage them, how to keep them involved, and how to do all of this without exhausting yourself? Do you have a complicated relationship with social media, hate spending too much time online and have some hesitation around your (online) visibility? Have you encountered some of your own shadows around money or anxiety around being considered too 'pushy', 'salesy', 'commercial', 'woo woo' or too 'alternative'? Have you watched how the voice in your mind saying you're 'too much' can paralyze you, or was it the voice telling you you are not 'good enough'?

Rest assured that many well-being professionals struggle with exactly the above. Many of us have the silent script of 'I first need to be perfect' before I can expose myself and start building a community. Many amazing people exhaust themselves by trying to do what the social media gurus tell them to do, and then stop completely, burned-out and discouraged. I've talked to them. I've listened to their stories. I've been there myself. 

And I also know that there is another way. A way that works, and that can nourish you instead of exhausting you. In the EcoNIDRA teacher training, I have devoted a whole module to what I call the Authentic Marketing. Consider this course to be a 2.0 version of that, based on your particular questions and situation. We've got this! We are in this together. We are one beautiful worldwide mycelium, and we have collective wisdom to share with each other!

Are you Ready to Receive the Collective Wisdom?


  • 01

    Connecting with your Intention

    • Welcome

    • How to get the Most out of this Course

    • Planting the Seeds of your Intention

    • EcoNIDRA Practice to Plant your Intention

    • The Structure of this Course

  • 02

    The Heart-Based Way

    • Breaking it Down to Little Pieces

    • My Journey with Heart-Based Communities

    • The Paradox: Subtle Action

    • The Heart-Felt Sense of the Present Moment

    • EcoNIDRA: Your Heart-Felt Wish

    • Reflective Writing

    • Playsheet

  • 03

    Seeing the Shadows

    • Our Programming: The 4 Resistance Archetypes

    • Our Programming: The Silent Scripts

    • Our Programming: Not Asking for Help

    • From Hiding behind the Practice to Authentic Self-Expression

    • The Biggest Trap: 'I'm Alone in This.'

    • Perfectionism is Anti-Life

    • Radical Respect for Other (Human) Beings

    • PS: Don't Become a Cult Leader ツ

    • Reflective Writing

    • Playsheet

  • 04

    Seeing the Light

    • The Sunlight Through the Leaves: A Guided Komorebi Journey

    • Nourishing Yourself and Your Community

    • Examples & Tips for Local Communities

    • Examples & Tips for Online Communities

    • Real Connection: The Way of Council

    • Acts of Kindness & Words of Magic

    • How to Be Discovered, Not Pushy

    • The Different Way of Doing Social Media

    • The Path Is the Destination

    • Reflective Writing

    • Playsheet

  • 05

    Daring to Simplify

    • How can I make this Easy and Fun for Myself?

    • The Heart's Choices Are Clear

    • It Takes a Village

    • Reflective Writing

    • Playsheet

  • 06

    Time To Play

    • Your Community

    • Jaguar Energy or One Baby Step at a Time?

    • We're Creating this New World Together!

  • 07

    Bonus 1: The Bohemian Recipe for Abundance

    • The Bohemian Recipe for Abundance

  • 08

    Bonus 2: The Bohemian Recipe for Living Lightly

    • The Bohemian Recipe for Living Lightly

This course is based on:

If we want to create a new world, we can't create it the old way.

  • Real Experience

    In the first video chapter of this course, Kat will share her real experience with about 20 years of heart-based community building, including the struggles, the successes and the aha-moments leading to communities that feel nourished, deeply connected and involved. In the following video chapters, Kat will use the video format to dive deeper and to reply to the topics and questions that you've shared at the beginning of the training.

  • Collective Wisdom

    The course taps into the collective wisdom based on many conversations with well-being professionals like forest therapy guides, EcoNIDRA teachers, yoga teachers, coaches, therapists, sound healers, meditation teachers, mindfulness trainers and more. The wisdom of the Circle is in the middle and that middle is alive.

  • Your Questions

    The content will be organically growing, based on your questions, struggles, doubts and stories that you'll be prompted to share privately at the beginning of the course, so that Kat can grow the rest of the course answering your real questions. In this way, this course is a living organism, a mycelium with mushrooms spread all around the world. You can bring your questions and see them answered in the next video chapters of the course!

How does this Course Work?

This course is based on simplicity, authenticity and collective wisdom. It is being created on demand. This is how it works: In the first video, Kat will share about her own experience with community building from the past 20 years, with heart-based communities for internationals rooting in the Netherlands, for European ANFT Forest therapy guides as a trainer, and chair of the European Council of the Association of Nature and Therapy, for EcoNIDRA teachers worldwide (the Dragonflies) and for Forest bathing guides in the Netherlands (BBGN). Once you've signed up for this training, you will be prompted to share what you'd like to learn in this course, so that you can share your questions, struggles, shadows, doubts and hopes around your community, community building, (online) visibility, the sustainable way of doing this, the role of social media, and more. Based on your input, the rest of the videos will be created, so that they respond to your real situation. You co-shape this training, so that it can bring you inspiration, wisdom and practical tips for your particular situation and vision. If we want to create a new world, we must create it the new way.

Your Investment

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Instructor Bio:

Kat Novotna is the founder and teacher of EcoNIDRA™. Kat's passion and mission are to help people reconnect with nature, with themselves and others, by focusing on deep relaxation, slowing down, the heart intelligence and the relationship between humans and the planet. As a certified Forest Therapy Guide, Kat has guided more than 420 groups in both private and corporate settings. As a former Forest Therapy trainer (ANFT) and EcoNIDRA founder, she has trained about 230 Forest Therapy guides and 140+ EcoNIDRA teachers to spread this connective work even more. As a Chair of the European Council of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Kat has served to nourish the community of European Forest Therapy guides. Kat has more than two decades of experience in teaching adult students in both private and InCompany settings. She is trained in Yoga Nidra, Forest Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Cross-Cultural Communication, and is using her skills, gifts and passion to help improve the wellbeing of humans and the rest of nature.

Kat Novotna

Founder, Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teacher

What others said:

“Kat, after so many years of taking marketing courses from the time I first became a health educator, it has kind of burned me out. Your module about Authentic marketing has been like a breath of fresh air. I am really feeling my next steps already in a much more authentic way. Thank you.”

Training Participant

“I want you to know how much I love you and your beautiful energy. You inspire me always with your sweetness, wisdom, knowledge and loving nature. Your creative energy has led you to create absolutely amazing gifts to the world, for which we are all grateful for. Your mentorship, your listening and allowing heart stoke the hearth of so many people. I can only wish that I can find within myself the confidence and ease that you show in all of your creative endeavours. I absolutely love how you follow your visions to create beauty and love that allow others to find their paths. You are an important part of my lineage 💗💗💗 and I deeply thank you with all my heart.”